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Foundations in Christian Leadership

BLC Academy is currently providing a Foundations in Christian Leadership course which is designed to train pastors and leaders to teach and lead with a correct understanding of scriptural truth. We believe that you will be blessed by this course through the teaching from the experienced ministers and leaders who will be leading the modules of this course. Listed below are the modules which will be taught in the Foundations in Christian Leadership course:


  1. The Challenges of Leadership in the 21st Century

  2. The Heart of Christian Leadership

  3. Biblical Interpretation

  4. Visional Leadership

  5. Relational Leadership

  6. Introduction to Homiletics

  7. Practising Christian Ethics in a Pluralistic World

  8. Leadership and Accountability

  9. Leadership and Church Governance

  10. Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

  11. Church: The Ultimate Plan of God

  12. Christian Leadership and Pastoral Care

Our Lecturers

Rev. Peter Read

Rev. Dave Newton

Rev. Leon Evans

Rev. Joseph Chinnaiyan

Rev. Geoff Richardson

Rev. Vasantha Kumar

Rev. Nigel Tween

Rev. Keith Warrington

Rev. Jonathan Black

Rev. Paul Hudson

Rev. Stuart Blount

Venue and Fees

The venue is still to be confirmed.

The course will cost £250, including training and food costs.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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